Easter Bonnets!

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Transition to Year 7

Yesterday, you should all have received a letter or text offering your child a place at Secondary school.  As discussed at the workshops on Monday, some of you may have got the school you wanted, but others may not.  Remember, you’re not alone if this is the case.  Accept the offer so that you know your child has a school place next year, but this doesn’t mean you can’t accept another offer if a place elsewhere becomes available.

For further help and advice, attached is the presentation the Year 6 staff gave at the beginning of the week.  There is lots of useful information here which will hopefully help you…Transition

Snow Day Spellings Homework

As school is closed today, and as our homework books may all be in our trays, I have devised a ‘snow day spelling homework’ full of more adventurous adjectives – perfect for use when writing a description.


If you can incorporate these words into sentences which show you understand what the words mean, there will be merits awaiting you on Monday morning – just remember to bring your work in and show your teacher, but remember – the sentences MUST show that you have a good understanding of the word:

e.g. He was apprehensive.  This doesn’t tell me you know what the word means.


Apprehensive about walking home after dark, Chet decided to call his parents and ask one of them to pick him up.  This does tell me you understand the word’s meaning.

So, the words are:


Good luck Year 6s!

‘The Shack’ (a short story by Maisie)

Last week, Year 6 finished writing short stories – a project in English that we’d been working on for a couple of weeks. We were learning how to incorporate setting description, character description and a good plot, all whilst sticking to a ‘genre’ – quite a difficult task!

In Hawk class, we all did a fantastic job, but one story in particular stood out as being a particularly brilliant example of a short story – ‘The Shack’ by Maisie.

Here it is below:

The Shack

It was more of a shack than a house. If one stood outside, they would hear the hiss of low voices issuing from the house and vibrating through the drainpipes. Holes blossomed on the decaying, lopsided roof; the crumbling beams visible. Jade-green ivy strangled the house, creeping up drainpipes, crawling through gaps and twisting over brickwork. What was left of the windows were boarded up, the planks damp and rotting. A dark aperture swelled where the door should have been, nothing but black visible. In the top window, a light was on. By the way it was flickering, one would have guessed it was a candle. Inside the small, dingy, slightly mouldy room, six men sat shivering around the guttering flame.

“Don’t touch it, Snush!” a slender-faced man snapped curtly, as one of the men poked the candle. Snush, a man with a flat, pug-like nose, tiny eyes and a small dumpy body yelped as the flame licked his finger.

“S-sorry Perry,” he stammered. Perry, the thin-faced man, scowled. Bob Yellis, a man with a scattering of unshaven, messy whiskers, curved his reptilian mouth into a poor attempt of a smile that looked painful.

Perry stood up, looked around at the other stumpy men – Dig, Dung and Waxy – and announced, “I’d better do it then.” With that, he flounced out of the room, his travelling cloak fanning out behind him.

The window was wide open, the silk curtains fluttering in the wind, making it almost too easy for Perry. He scampered, lizard-like, up the stone-clad wall and precipitated himself through the window. There it was. As he perched on the windowsill, crying echoed around the room. He hated children. Perry climbed off the sill, stepped on a toy and swore. He peeled the LEGO off of his foot, and glared at the indent. It had to be done quickly. Wincing and not looking, he blindly shot a killing curse and leapt agilely back through the window.

The baby sat up; it had stopped crying.


Well done, Maisie!

Self-portraits – Amedeo Modigliani style!

Image result for amedeo modigliani

This term, Year 6 are focusing on the art of self-portraits! We’ve have a couple of tries at sketching ourselves, and this week we’ve attempted to do self-portraits in the style of Amadeo Modigliani. Above are some examples of his work!

You can see below that we’ve tried hard to mimic the style of elongated faces and necks, including some very disproportionate facial features! Once we had sketched ourselves, we then used pastels to add in some depth of colour. What do you think?


3D Shape Work 

We had an exciting week in Maths, learning about 3D shapes ! We looked at different shapes and caregorised them according to their properties. Next we played Bingo to learn how to describe recognise shapes by their description and to describe them using the correct vocabulary. Finally, we had a lesson investigating the the nets of cubes. 

Kestrel Self Portraits

This term Year 6 have been looking at drawing self portraits. The children drew portraits of themselves without any instruction at the beginning at the term and then we learnt how to draw a self portrait.  Here are some of the completed portraits (some with their ‘before instruction’ pictures) Can you guess who they are ?