Eagles class – Evacuees in WWII

In History this week, we have been looking at the evacuations from World War II. We discussed why they were necessary, how children may have felt, how they took place and how we would have felt if it were us.

We then looked at a range of historical sources (eg news reels, newspapers photographs, posters and first-hand accounts). Whilst looking at these, we were deciding which were reliable, which perhaps didn’t tell the whole story and why this might have been.

The children found the lesson interesting and they were very engaged throughout and had lots of thoughts and questions.

Coding in Eagle class

Your children may come home today talking about coding. That’s because in class today we had an amazing workshop from a game developer who was talking to the class about coding in Python.

She then introduced us to Code Combat and we spent quite some time coding instructions for the characters in the game…and the children did amazingly well.

The children should know the link and have written down their usernames and passwords in their Reading Journal if they wish to continue with this.

Happy coding, Eagles!

History – World War II

In order to introduce the children tour new History today, we started the lesson by looking at resources from the time including: photographs, postcards, letters, ration books, newspapers and telegrams. We also saw pictures of a house in Ingram Rd which had been bombed and watched Neville Chamberlain’s speech to the nation informing the people that Britain was at war.

Ingham Road

A V1 rocket fell in Ingham Road in July/August 1944. This bomb destroyed number 21 (changed to 41 after renumbering in the 60s).

It’s not known if anyone was killed or injured, but the two semi-detached houses to the right were also destroyed and the site remained a bombsite well into the fifties when the houses were rebuilt to another design, differing from the other houses in the road which were built in 1938/39.