Missing angles…not anymore!

Year 6 applied knowledge of missing angles to help save those in danger! They were challenged with calculating  the missing angles for a computer programmer using everything they knew about parallel lines, alternate, co-interior, vertically opposite, corresponding angles and their angle properties. Many were able to explain how they identified the missing angle and used written calculations or jottings to show a great understanding!




In Year 6 we are developing mathematical thinking by showing understanding in a variety of ways. Year 6 have tried to develop their understanding of nets through reasoning. Year 6 were given a range of nets and they had to explain how they identified which net we accurately drawn. They also had to explain how the eliminated other nets.



Light Work!

Year 6 have been continuing to learn about light. In Science we started to think about light and how it travels. We discovered (by experimenting with torches) that the light would only travel in straight lines. We have begun to experiment with mirrors.


We did discover that if you put a mirror in the right place, you can even see around corners. This is because mirrors reflect light back at the same angle.




Light, Shape and The Vikings!

In the past two week in Hawk Class, we have started new topics in Science, maths and Topic. The children have tried describing 2D and 3D shapes to each other making sure that they use the correct mathematical language. It proved harder than it sounds to make sure that they described the shape accurately enough for their partner to guess.

In Science we started to think about light and how it travels. The children enjoyed experimenting with torches and trying to bend light. We found that the light would only travel in straight lines but that we could get it to move round corners by using a system of mirrors.

We have had an interesting start to our new history topic as well. The children came up with lots of interesting questions about the Vikings. I’m sure that it will be an interesting topic for them to study.

To top all of that off we had a fun afternoon or Paralympic sports today!

Well done for working so hard Hawks!



vis imp

Our homework this week is linked to Disability Awareness and and will also tie in with our Design and Technology learning. We would like you to imagine what life would be like if you had a visual impairment. Consider what your day would be like, from the time you get up in the morning to when you go to bed at night. What would you find difficult? Which areas of life would present you with particular challenges?

You can present your thinking in your homework book in any way you choose. You may want to draw pictures, make a table, create a cartoon strip – be creative.

Homework must be in school by Wednesday 21st November.

Hawk Class – A Message From Selsdon Primary PTA

Hawk Class 2018

Dear All Parents, Carers and Teachers of Hawk Class,


The new Selsdon Primary PTA has been set up to support the school, the children and to build a community for us all. I am really passionate about our teachers, children and parents enjoying their time with the school.

I have recently been taken on the role of PTA Treasurer and also Class representative. I now have an email address that you can contact me on at any time with requests, questions, ideas or offers of help. We would love as many of you to join and support our PTA as possible.

Please feel free to contact me on hawkselsdonprimarypta@gmail.com

Many thanks

Kim Wright



For spelling this week, we would like you to learn and practise the words below from the Year 5/6 spelling list. Practise the spellings and use the words in your own sentences to show you understand what they mean.

aggressive, disastrous, determined, exaggerate, foreign, occupy, physical, soldier, sacrifice and variety.


Next week, we will be looking at angles in maths. For your homework, we would like you to draw long, straight lines across one page of your homework book. The lines should travel in different directions and every time they cross each other they will create angles. You should then colour-code the angles in your picture according to whether they are acute, obtuse, right angles or reflex! This should result in a complex, colourful picture showing your knowledge of angles.



There are many spelling rules within the English language and it can be difficult to remember them all.
This week for homework we want you to investigate the spelling rule i before e’.
Think about words that fit this rule. Can you identify any exceptions to this rule?
You will be tested on a random selection of words that use this rule or its common exceptions next week. 
You can practise spelling words with the rule in your reading diary and you can use your homework book to creatively write about the rule and its exceptions.
You have attempted an arithmetic paper this week. Identify a skill that you found challenging and practise it.
For example, if you found it difficult to add decimals make up a few of your own questions (or get someone to make them up for you!) and practise these in your homework book. 

All aboard the Empire Windrush!

Just before half term, Hawk class had a fantastic workshop looking at the voyage made by the Windrush generation. The children wrote letters about how different it would be to arrive in a multicultural Britain today and they spent time imaging how they would have felt on the journey over and when they arrived in a new country. This was part of our celebration of black history month.