Homework Project – Friday 24th September

As part of our topic this term, we would like you to research “Black Heroes” – people who have made a massive difference in our society, culture and the entire world.

You could choose from someone well-known like Rosa Parkes, Nelson Mandela, etc., or a member of the family who you feel has contributed to making your world a better place.

You can present your work in any way you would like: written (A poem, a song…), a powerpoint, an interview, a video or a create a painting, a collage, etc.

Use your imagination and your research and presentation skills.

Please complete by next Wednesday and we may ask you to read these out at our Assembly the week after next (if you would like to). Good luck!

Spelling Homework – Friday 24th September

In case you have problems accessing Seesaw this week, here are the week’s spellings and task:-

Please look at the words below. Look at the spelling patterns and then use them in a sentence to show that you understand the word: e.g. ancient – The ancient pyramids of Egypt were built thousands of years ago. This then shows me that you can use and spell the word and that you understand it means belonging to the very distant past.

Here are the 12 words:


Use the template provided to write your sentences. Please complete this by Wednesday 29th September so that I can take a look and provide feedback if necessary. Good luck!

Cross Country Trials – Year 6

Congratulations to all the children who took part in the cross country trials last week. There were a large number who weren’t going to take part and then gave it a go – and quite a few surprised themselves, so well done!

There is also a special mention for Filip and Holly in Eagle class who both came first in their heats – a really great effort from both of them.