Collecting and representing data

Today in Kestrel, we have been looking at collecting and representing data. We decided we would test how many star jumps we could each do in 30 seconds. We used the timer function on the iPads to ensure each person only had 30 seconds to achieve their final score.

Following this, we had a look at Microsoft Excel and discussed how we could use it to represent the data we had found.

Interesting Instructions and Cool Conclusions.

In line with our year group theme (let’s get physical), Kestrel have been hard at work making interesting instructions for a chosen sport.

We started by drafting our introduction, picking apart the key features so we knew what we needed to include.

We then moved on to upskilling simple instructions considering a range of techniques such as sentence structures and the use of hints and tips.

We finished up by thinking about what needs to be included in our conclusion. We found ways to link it back to the introduction and make it more personalised as well as adding a bit of humour.

Well done kestrel! You have worked really hard!

Drawing techniques showing movement

Today, Eagles have been looking at curved lines and contrasting shapes and curves to create movement. The work they’ve produced has been excellent and some children really surprised themselves. I think you’ll agree that the results below are fabulous:

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Today, Year 6 have been focusing on showing movement throughout artwork. They looked at different techniques as inspiration and then implemented their own ideas to create a new piece of art.