Thorpe Park trip – Eagles

Last Friday, Eagle class had a wonderful time at Thorpe Park. It may have rained and we may have got stuck in a one and a half hour traffic jam, but nothing could dampen our spirits and we all came back having thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Why not see for yourself…?

Kestrel Class – Change to Swimming Dates

Good afternoon all,

I hope you are well. Due to bank holidays, we have had to change the swimming dates for Kestrel Class. Please see the updated letter below, and make a note of the new swimming dates.

The new dates are:

Monday 4th July 2022, Monday 11th July 2022 and Monday 18th July 2022


As always, if there are any queries, please do get in contact.

Many thanks,

Miss Jeffries

Our marvellous Thorpe Park trip! – Kestrel Class

Last Friday, we had a marvellous day out to Thorpe Park. It was a wet, rainy day and we made a lot of use out of the warm dryers which were available to us.

After an hour’s coach trip, we arrived at Thorpe Park, picked up our tickets and the adventure began! Starting on the water rides (which we thought would be an excellent idea, until we had paddling pools in our shoes!), we then travelled to Stealth (which travels at 80 miles per hour in roughly 3 seconds), which some of us dared to go on whilst the others (perhaps the more sensible idea…) had a great ride on the dodgems.

Later on, having settled to have our lunch, we attempted the Nemesis Inferno but with this shut, we made great use of Mr Monkey’s Banana Ride with our class wishing to go on this ride about 5 times! We then made our way to Colossus – a ride which endures 5 loops in a row – thankfully, the children handled this like professionals and no stomachs were turned.

After this, it was time to head back to The Dome, attend the gift shops where the children made great use of their spending money, buying friendship bracelets, souvenirs and of course a Krispy Kreme Donut. It was a wonderful day, enjoyed by all, despite the horrendous traffic and the miserable weather. A wonderful way to celebrate the end of SATs. We are looking forward to the next trips! Check out our fun in the photos 🙂