Exciting news !! Manufacturing has begun in Kestrel class. The children have started to build their elastic powered cars !  


Hawk class – treat day


Hawk class have been doing a fantastic job, and we’re pleased to say that we’ve filled our marble jar!

Therefore, on Friday afternoon, we will be having our treat day.

All of Hawk class are welcomed to come to school in mufti clothing, and crafts, games, toys and electronics can be brought in. Please note that these are the responsibility of the pupil! Internet access is not allowed, so any device that can connect must be placed in aeroplane mode. No phones allowed!

We will be hosting a ‘Hawk’s Got Talent’ contest, as voted by the class, so everyone… get practising!!

Mmmm-mince pies!

On Friday, Year 6 had a great time making hundreds of mince pies for our Christmas fair!

It was an incredibly smooth operation, with around 90 children making mince pies between break time and lunch time!

Thank you to FoSP for organising – I know we all had a great time! And thank you to all those who donated some of the ingredients – we are very grateful for your contributions.

We hope everyone had as much fun eating them as we had making them!

Homework due Wednesday 22 November

Homework: Friday 17th November 2017

This is the last week we’ll be doing our times tables and spellings for homework.  Next week we will be choosing homework from the new CGP homework books which we will share with you and explain next week.

For this week, however, please make sure you are secure in all times tables and related division facts, and next week we’ll give you another times table challenge to try.

You should also be reading daily, and writing a suitable Year 6-style comment in your reading diary. You should be reading with an adult each night and answering questions to help improve comprehension skills.

Below are the last 12 words on the Year5/6 word list.  Please learn:


Year 6 baking – pastry/jam/mincemeat donation request

As most of you will know, we are holding our Christmas Fair on Friday 24th November!

As part of this, Year 6 are lucky enough to participate in baking some delicious mince pies which will be sold at the fair!

We are therefore asking for voluntary donations of pastry and jams/mincemeat for the children to use in their baking sessions.

If you are able and would like to, we are requesting the following donations from each class:

Eagle & Hawk: pre-made fresh or frozen shortcrust pastry, ideally in blocks so that the children can roll it out, but pre-rolled pastry is also acceptable!

Kestrel: jams and mincemeat for the filling of the mince pies!

This is in no way compulsory, however, any donations will be gratefully received!

Thank you in advance from FoSP and the Year 6 Team 🙂