The Adventure Continues!

Here are some photos of group 34.

I couldn’t be more proud of the all children and how they developed throughout the week. They supported and encouraged each other and many challenged themselves! More importantly we had lots of fun and smiled a lot throughout the week.

From the Powerfan (where the children climbed up a very tall pole and jumped off at the top) to HighEquilibrium (where more climbing was needed in order to balance a beam and complete the obligatory: Heads, Should, Knees and JUMP!), the children tried to improve on a personal goal.

This all led to the 3G swing! This a gigantic swing which the children help to pull up and then release from a great height! Many screams of joy (and maybe a little bit of terror!) were heard!

The week many have been a  mystery (and yes group 34 we we love a mystery!!!!) but by the end we knew we had fun and were exceptionally tired by the end!

Take a look at some of the pictures below!



Activities and more activities!

Here are some more great photos from group 36 from our week at Kingswood! Group 36 have had a great week, they have participated in lots of different activities and have tried their best at everything they have done. Over the past couple of days they have built chariots and completed lots of different activities such as abseiling, leap of faith, fencing and had a ride on the 3G swing. Here are some pictures of our adventures.


Group 38’s adventures at Kingswood!

Group 38 has had some great fun this week!

We’ve learned how to hold a bow and arrow properly, and some of us had a great eye and got very close to the bullseye.

We pushed ourselves to the limits on ‘Leap of Faith’ which involved us climbing incredibly high to a small platform and leaping off to hold onto a metal bar. Our group were very brave and all surpassed our goals!

We felt the force of the 3G swing – a gigantic swing which is winched up and released from a great height! Many screams of joy (and maybe a little bit of terror!) were heard!

We chanelled our inner spiders when we faced the indoor climbing wall. The adults were very impressed with the support and teamwork the group showed – it was a great demonstration of how well the group have worked together this week.

Take a look at some of the pictures below!


Thursday Return From Kingswood

Many of you indicated you would like your child to return from Kingswood on Thursday, so they can attend their induction evening and day at Riddlesdown. We have booked a coach to bring them back to school. The coach will leave Kingswood at 3pm on Thursday and should be back at school by approximately 4.30pm. The coach will keep the school updated with progress.

Year 6 Production Costumes

We are really excited that Year Six has started work on the musical play – The Lion King. We would like to keep the costumes simple this year. All students should plan to wear dark leggings, tracksuit trousers or jeans (black, navy blue or dark grey). We are also asking if the children could bring a plain, light-coloured cotton t-shirt (without any logos). We will be using  tie- dye on the  t-shirts so a light-coloured t-shirt will be better as the colours will show up more.  We would like the t-shirts to be bought in to school as soon as possible so that we can start the tie-dye process.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.


In Eagle class (as throughout the school) the children have been making banners to show what they are proud of in their lives. They have represented personal talents, family, heritage and religion. The children will be carrying these banners as they take part in our Pride Parade next week. We are looking forward to this being a wonderful celebration!