5 thoughts on “Thought For The Week: 20th April 2020 — Heavers Farm Primary School

  1. Jonathan Russell April 20, 2020 / 9:22 am

    It means that we need to help the environment survive


    • missballo April 20, 2020 / 10:31 am

      Exactly that Jonathan.
      Great to hear from you 🙂
      Miss Ballo


  2. Fatima -Kestrel- April 20, 2020 / 12:35 pm

    I think 💭 that this quote is telling us to take care of the Earth 🌍 as we take care of ourselves,so that we can maintain a healthy environment on this Earth .

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  3. Dhilan Patel April 27, 2020 / 9:01 am

    I think the quote means don’t litter and keep our environment clean


  4. Dazzling Danita April 27, 2020 / 12:16 pm

    I think that the quote is telling us to take care of our home instead of treating it badly

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