Computing – Wednesday 04.11.20

LI: To understand what Scratch is and how it can be used

Success Criteria:

  • Open Scratch (either app on i-Pad or at
  • Join by creating a suitable username and password
  • Go to Create Project
  • Answer questions from below

Have you used Scratch before?  What is it? What did you use it for?  What else can you do with it? How did you find using it?  Why?

Scratch is a programming tool which will allow us to develop our programming skills by making stories, games and animations.  A lot of what we’ll do over the coming weeks is to try things out and see what can be discovered, so when using Scratch have these two questions in mind:

  • I wonder what happens if I do this?
  • I want to do this.  How can I do it?

Today, we’re going to start from the very basics ensuring we can all access Scratch and have a go at deleting and choosing a different sprite (or character).

Activity: click on the Scratch icon on the desktop (or go to If on the web-based version, you can join by creating a suitable username and password.  This way, whatever you do on Scratch can be saved (teachers: not sure this is the same on the app – any problems feed back in planning please). Next, go to Create Project and have a go at the questions below:

Do you left-click or right-click on a Sprite to delete it?
Which button will allow you to choose a Sprite from file?

Ext: Thinking about the two questions earlier, what can you do with your sprite?

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