Art Home Learning

LI:To collate and finalise ideas for my protest art.

Recap on work from last week. 

What emotion did you choose?

Will you be using this emotion in your final piece?

Have think about some of the important people we have been learning about in History and Guided Reading.

Today you will be deciding who you will use for your final piece and which phrase you will use to get your point across. 

You will have this week and next week to complete your protest art. 

Before you start, think about the sketching techniques you will use and the resources you will need. 

Will you sketch your slogan/phrase or will you use collage?

You will need to think about the scale of your drawing. How much of the page have you/will you use?  What will take up the rest of the space?


Begin by drawing the facial features of your chosen person. Ensure you use techniques to show emotion. 

Ext: Decide on how the rest of the space will be used. Where will your slogan go? Lightly outline where this will be on your page. 

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