Year 6 – English – Tuesday 7th June 2022

Below is the English learning to be done today which is looking at explanation texts. Read the texts below and then follow the instructions that go with these. Please bring in the learning you have done to school tomorrow along with the homework you were given at the end of last term which relates to this topic. Many thanks. The Year 6 team.

LI: To distinguish between fact and opinion

This week, we will be looking at explanation texts. These are pieces of writing that explain something. They might tell you how or why something happens, or give information on how to do something.

Now, read the 3 texts below (if you are finding these too difficult, read the fourth text entitled ‘How do frogs grow?’).

As you are reading them, what do you notice? Jot features down as you read and see whether there are any common features.

Hopefully, you have noticed the following. Most have:-

  • An introduction.
  • Detailed information about the topic.
  • Causal conjunctions (as a result, because, if…then, etc)
  • Adverbials.
  • Technical language to suit the topic.
  • Diagrams or Illustrations.
  • Organisational and presentational devices (e.g. the way the texts are laid out on the page including headings, subheadings and paragraphs).
  • A summary to end the text.

Question: What is the difference between a fact and opinion? 

Facts are definitely true and they can be backed up with evidence.
An opinion is how you feel – other people might think differently

A fact in the first text might be: ‘The sun is larger than any of the planets in our solar system’.
An opinion might be: ‘Maybe 75 years from now they’ll still be debating the issue’.

Main Activity

Find 3 examples of facts from the text below. 

What opinions can you find? 


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