All about the Year 6 Team!

Class Teachers: Mr Mitchard and Mr Cousins

Class Teaching Assistants: Mr Bieder, Mrs O’Shea

As the weeks and months go by you will find lots of information about what we do in Year 6 from the posts on this blog. We are sure that we will all get to know each other really well over the coming year, however we thought we would give you a little information about all the teachers in Year 6 and show you that there’s more to us than just planning, teaching and marking!

Mr Mitchard – Eagle

I have been teaching since 2006, four years of which have been in Year 6 at Heavers Farm and the last two here at Selsdon as well as having lived and taught abroad. Before becoming a teacher, I worked in IT, but it wasn’t the career for me, so I volunteered abroad, teaching at a school for disadvantaged children, then came home to do my PGCE as I knew this was the career for me.

At home, I am a father to two fabulous young children and much of my time is now taken up with clubs, parties and playdates. When I do get time to myself, I like to read, go running, listen to and play music, as well as travelling. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries about your child’s learning this year. If I can’t answer a question or solve a problem straight away, I will endeavour to do so as soon as possible. Please say ‘hello’ if you see me in the playground or around school and I look forward to a brilliant year of teaching and learning.

Mr Cousins – Kestrel

This is my fourth year teaching at Selsdon and I can’t wait to teach Kestrel this year!

I studied History for my university degree at university and even got to live in Venice for 3 months, spending lots of time walking and running (in the evening when it was quieter) along the canals. History and English are my joint favourite subjects!

In my free time I am a massive fan of pretty nearly every sport. In particular, I love my rugby, football, rowing and athletics. When I’m not running around a park or catching up with whatever sport has been on the telly, I can be found experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, playing my violin, or getting frustrated at conceding a last minute goal on FIFA.

I am really looking forward to meeting all those in Kestrel this year and hope we have hard-working and fun-filled year!


Mrs Price – Hawk

Hi, my name is Mrs Price and this is my 19th year at Selsdon Primary School. I am really looking forward to working and supporting you all in Hawk Class and with the Year 6 team.

When I am not in School, I enjoy socialising with my family and friends, cross country biking, visiting places of interest and I am always keen to travel and explore the world.

 Mrs Khan – Eagle

Hi ! My name is Mrs khan and this is my 6th year at Selsdon primary School. I am really looking forward to supporting everyone in Eagle class.  Apart from teaching, I enjoy travelling and  learning about different cultures. I have lived in Nigeria, Pakistan, and Germany. I speak six different languages and am trying to learn sign language now too.  In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, baking and also enjoy going cycling and long walks with my children.

 Mrs Kibble – Hawk

Hello, I’m Mrs Kibble and this is my first year as a Teaching Assistant at Selsdon Primary School. I have two young children, as well as a pet rabbit called Buttons and a pet hamster called Munchie. I like to explore lots of different places with my family, going shopping as I love fashion and listening to Rock Music especially live at concerts. I am really looking forward to getting to know Hawk class before you start your next adventure at Secondary School. 

Mr Bieder – Eagle

Hi. I’m at TA here at Selsdon Primary and I have been in Year 5 and then Year 6 in Eagles with Mr Mitchard last year. From a young age, I have enjoyed watching anime and drawing characters. I love to read too – but love cakes even more.

Miss Jeffries

Hello! My name is Miss Jeffries and this will be my third year teaching at Selsdon Primary School.

Prior to becoming a teacher, I worked as a Teaching Assistant, living in and working in Plymouth as well as volunteering to support young people attending a bereavement charity. I have also volunteered abroad working to support disadvantaged communities and have experienced teaching and working within the schools in these communities. In my spare time, I enjoy listening to music as well as singing. I also spend time teaching myself Makaton and British Sign Language as I view this as an important additional communication skill. I also hula hoop and enjoy going for walks.

I am looking forward to this year in Kestrel Class and working as part of the year 6 team. I look forward to working with you all. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to come and speak to me either in person, or via the Year 6 email address. I am looking forward to a wonderful, successful year ahead.

2 thoughts on “All about the Year 6 Team!

  1. Dylan November 27, 2019 / 12:01 pm

    Mr mitchard is the one of the best teachers!!


  2. Bintou Toure March 20, 2020 / 8:09 pm

    All the teachers and class teaching assistants have helped us reach our full potential and prepared us for the next stage in our life (secondary school).

    Liked by 1 person

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