Home Learning 07/06/22 – Maths

Hello Year 6,

Whilst we have another day at home due to maintenance at school, you are required to complete home learning for today and bring it to school tomorrow. The behaviour policy regarding work will still apply if you don’t bring the work to School on Wednesday!

Our Learning Intention for Maths today is:

To identify the relative sizes of two quantities so that I can scale sizes up or down by different amounts


  1. To recognise relationships between quantities
  2. To use multiplication
  3. To use division
  4. To know what a scale factor is
  5. To identify known facts
  6. To identify unknown facts
Solve these equations and identify what strategy you have used.

What is the relationship between 4 and 6? How much bigger is 6 than 4?

You might say 6 is 2 bigger than 4 therefore we need to add 2 lots to the original amount. This is not true.

We need to think about doubling and halving and known facts. Double 4 is 8, 6 is 2 more than 4 and 2 less than 8 therefore we could multiply each quantity by 1/2.

Or we can use our known facts. We know 4 times but we now need to find 6 times. We could divide each quantity by 4 to find what 1 lot is, and then multiply each quantity by 6 to find 6 lots. For example, 20g of butter (4 lots) divided by 4 is 5g (1 lot). We can then multiply our 1 lot (5g) by 6 to find 6 lots. Therefore to make 6 cookies, 5g x 6 = 30g.

My turn:

Known facts: this recipe serves 6 people. Yasmin wants to scale up the recipe to serve 9 people.

There are two strategies I can use.

  1. I know that 6 and 9 are in the 3 times tables. I can half each amount to find 3 lots (because 6 divided by 2 is 3) and then multiply by 3 (because 3 x 3 = 9). For example: 120g onion halved is 60g. 60g multiplied by 3 (to find 9 lots) is 180g onion.
  2. I know 6 lots. I can use this to find 1 lot by dividing each amount by 6. For example, 120g onion divided by 6 is 20g. I can then multiply 20g by 9 to find 9 lots. 20g x 9 = 180g onion.

Therefore, each speech bubble demonstrating strategies could be correct because both strategies leads us to the correct scaling.

Your turn:

Have a go at using our strategies (look back at my examples to help) to scale Yasmin’s recipe up to 27 people. Which strategy do you think is most efficient? Why?

If you feel confident in this, have a go at scaling the recipe up to serve 30 people.

Further scaling examples:

To solve this problem, I need to identify a relationship between 50g and 60g. I can identify that 60 is 10 more than 50. I can also identify that 50 and 60 have a common factor of 10. If I divide 50 by 5 (10) and multiply by 6 then I reach my scaled up oats of 60g.

If I look at the other quantities, these all also have a common factor of 5 and 10. To find the raisins, I can do the same thing. I will divide the original quantity of 20g of raising by 5 which gives me 4g and then I will multiply my 4g by 6 to find my new quantity. 4 x 6 = 24g.

Although all my quantities have a factor of 10, I cannot divide by 10 and then multiply by 6 to get 60 because… 50g divided by 10 is 5g, 5g multiplied by 6 is 30g. I do not reach my new quantity of 60g oats.

Independent task:

If you feel confident in this learning then go straight to the challenge below. If you feel you need more practice then complete the main activity.

Challenge investigation:

Consolidation of learning:

Kestrel Class – Change to Swimming Dates

Good afternoon all,

I hope you are well. Due to bank holidays, we have had to change the swimming dates for Kestrel Class. Please see the updated letter below, and make a note of the new swimming dates.

The new dates are:

Monday 4th July 2022, Monday 11th July 2022 and Monday 18th July 2022


As always, if there are any queries, please do get in contact.

Many thanks,

Miss Jeffries

Our marvellous Thorpe Park trip! – Kestrel Class

Last Friday, we had a marvellous day out to Thorpe Park. It was a wet, rainy day and we made a lot of use out of the warm dryers which were available to us.

After an hour’s coach trip, we arrived at Thorpe Park, picked up our tickets and the adventure began! Starting on the water rides (which we thought would be an excellent idea, until we had paddling pools in our shoes!), we then travelled to Stealth (which travels at 80 miles per hour in roughly 3 seconds), which some of us dared to go on whilst the others (perhaps the more sensible idea…) had a great ride on the dodgems.

Later on, having settled to have our lunch, we attempted the Nemesis Inferno but with this shut, we made great use of Mr Monkey’s Banana Ride with our class wishing to go on this ride about 5 times! We then made our way to Colossus – a ride which endures 5 loops in a row – thankfully, the children handled this like professionals and no stomachs were turned.

After this, it was time to head back to The Dome, attend the gift shops where the children made great use of their spending money, buying friendship bracelets, souvenirs and of course a Krispy Kreme Donut. It was a wonderful day, enjoyed by all, despite the horrendous traffic and the miserable weather. A wonderful way to celebrate the end of SATs. We are looking forward to the next trips! Check out our fun in the photos 🙂

Kestrel class became chefs!

In D.T. this term, we have been looking at food and nutrition, including seasonality of foods, the impact of seasonality on our nutrition and the economy as well as learning different cooking techniques.

Today, we put all of our learned skills to the test to chop and grate our vegetables as well as kneading to create the perfect chosen pizza base, to create our own pizza’s.

Take a look at the wonderful creations and fine chopping skills:

The children chose some really delicious seasonal foods to have on their pizza’s including salmon, peppers, spinach and pancetta.

Ask your child to make you a pizza at home, they will surprise you with a truly delightful creation!

Creative Writing Competition

Hello Year 6,

A wonderful opportunity has come up for our Year 6 children to put their creative hats on and use their imagination, to potentially win some vouchers.

Whitgift School have shared a creative writing competition that they are hosting for our schools – the children will need to create either a poem or a short story.

Please see the advertised flyer below:

As always, if you have any queries please let us know either in person or via year6@selsdonprimary.org

Kind regards,

The Year 6 Team