End of Year 6! -Friday!

Class 13 – Page 4 – Penpol Primary School

Well, this is it! You all have done so well! Many of you have been at Selsdon since nursery while some came in Year 1/2 or after Year 3. You have made many friends and know each other so well. So, today, we will do a Yearbook Award. The Yearbook Awards is a way to commend the quirky, committed, and crazy people in your year group or class. We will take a vote in class (home learning write in the comments) and present the results. Your teacher can choose a a few award categories or you can try and do them all!

Think about the people in your class. Who would be the most likely to:

  • Be the Life of the Party
  • Be a Pack Leader (leader of a group)
  • Become an Innovator (creative, always thinking of new ideas/inventions)
  • Be a Comedian
  • Be Famous
  • Become Prime Minister
  • Cure a Disease
  • Win Olympic gold
  • Write a hit song
  • Head Chef

Who would win these awards in our class?

  • The Chatterbox
  • The Class Clown
  • Tech-savvy
  • Funniest
  • Kindest
  • Happiest
  • Most Athletic
  • Most Stubborn
  • Most Upbeat
  • Most Polite



End of Year 6! – Wednesday!


INFLUENCE - Are you annoyed by adverts for things you have just ...

Write a newspaper, poster, brochure, radio or television advert for Selsdon Primary School. What are some things that we can include in our advertisement? Remember we want to encourage children and parents to enrol at our school, so we have to SELL IT! You should have good presentation and with pictures, diagrams and colour. You can use the internet to research some additional facts, too.

  1. Name of the school
  2. How long it has been open
  3. How many year groups there are
  4. What the school has to offer (i.e., clubs, trips, activities, assemblies)
  5. After-school clubs
  6. Catering
  7. Classes (set up, resources)
  8. What the school looks like
  9. What are the teachers like
  10. Uniforms/logo
  11. Anything else?


End of Year 6! – Monday

A Job Well Done! | Achievements and Congratulations Quotes

Congratulations! You have made it to the end of Year 6 in probably the most bizarre environement of your life. Well done! This week for current affairs, we will reflect back on our time at Selsdon through some nice activities! Please use the comment box to answer any questions in the below activity:

Heavers Farm Primary School (Fees & Reviews) Croydon, England ...Activity 1: What is it about Selsdon? We would like for you to consider these 4 questions. Write or draw your answers.

  1. Write a slogan that would sum up what Selsdon is like.
  2. List three things that you will miss about Selsdon.
  3. List three things that you like about Selsdon.
  4. List three things that you would change about Selsdon.


A set of silhouette children - Download Free Vectors, Clipart ...Activity 2: Write a message that you would like to leave for the new Year 6’s coming up.

Current Affairs – Friday 10th July 2020

Agony Aunt 

How can we help our friends and peers with their worries and concerns about moving schools?

What can we do or say to help others feel confident, relaxed and happy about starting their new school?

We all probably have lots of ideas about things we can do to look after ourselves, as well as our friends, before, during and after having moved schools.

Use the template below to create your own magazine ‘Problem Page’, listing FOUR worries people may have when moving schools, as well as possible solutions to these problems: