Kestrels in the nest

Hey everyone at home.

How are you doing?

This week we have been discussing our feelings about secondary school.

We thought about the different facial expressions which can show how we are feeling:

How are you feeling about secondary school? Are you excited or nervous?

Did you enjoy the video on Monday?

Leave a comment and we will try to reply during the week.

Goodbye from:

Helena, Ava, Sianna, Aiden G, Brendon, Ayden R, Emily, Danita, Isabelle, Joy, Dominic, Lucas, Sonny, Elliott, Miss Ballo and Mrs Masood 🙂

Calling all Kestrels :)

Hey Guys,

How are you all doing?

In music this week, we learnt a new song called “The ink is black, the page is white”.

Miss Ballo and Mrs Masood also learnt this song when they were in Primary School 🙂

Most of us have very sore legs from P.E. Have you been doing P.E with Joe Wicks at home?

Here are some messages from us again:

Joy: Hellooo

Ava: Hello 🙂

Aiden G: Organic chocolate chicken #BabyYoda

Emily: What’s up Kestrel? Hope you are doing well. I hope we can meet up soon and hang out because I bet you are all bored at home #StaySafe

Ayden R: With a whole lot of pepper and a whole lot of salt, if I blame it on my friends, it won’t be my fault.

Isabelle: Hello matey it is fathers day this Sunday 🙂

Lucas: Erm, this is random but blue cheese is very stinky 🙂 #BabyYoda

Helena: Wad ups my peeps

Dominic: Hi 🙂

Elliott: Wakanda forever! Memez rules #BabyYoda

Sonny: Chapter 2 Season 3 rules! Morgz mum is the best rapper of all time (Big Jill).

Mrs Masood: Hello Kestrels at home… Really miss you!

Miss Ballo: Hello everyone at home! It has been lovely speaking to so many of you on the phone. I hope you are doing well and getting on with the work okay. Take care and stay safe!

What have you most enjoyed learning about this week?

Leave a comment 😀

Kestrels in the nest!

Hey Kestrels,

What have you been up to?

Have a look at the posters we have made. What cause did you choose to do your poster about? A lot of us chose to do Black Lives Matter. What about you?

We have been enjoyed listening to holes. Who is your favourite character?

It was weird going back to lessons like Maths compared to last week. We are all still getting out brains in gear.

There are a few more of us now.

Dominic: Ermmm, I dunno.

Danita: Hi hahahah

Ava: Hi everyone 🙂

Aiden G: Have you ever eaten organic chicken wings? Badmanting 🙂

Ayden R: Reeeee. I went to ToysRus yesterday 😉

Emily: Hey everyone, I hope you are okay. How have you been feeling about the BLM protests? I miss you all. I hope I can see you after quarantine.

Joy: Hello people! I am enjoying

Lucas: Pineapple doesn’t go on pizza 😉 Yuck

Isabelle: Ola fellow Kestrels 🙂 I agree with Lucas.

Sonny: I have washed my hands more times than your heartbeats in an hour. I also agree with Lucas.

Elliott: Wassssup. Pepsi Max rules. Yeet! heheheh

Mrs Masood: Hope you are all well 🙂

Miss Ballo: Howdy Kestrels 🙂 Hope you are all keeping safe and are getting on with the work okay! P.S. Ham and pineapple pizza is my fave!

To Kestrels in the nest!

Hello to all the Kestrels at home!

We are writing to you from school and are missing you all.

School has be been really different as we have had to social distance, even at breaktime and lunchtime. However, we have been choosing different social distancing games to play each day.

It has been nice to see everyone who has come in (especially Mrs Masood and Miss Ballo – obviously 😉 )

Here are some messages from each of us:

Elliott: Spiderman rules, wait wait wait, Tom Hollands Spiderman rules. Madmanting.

Ava: Hi 🙂

Emily: Ermmm I forgot. I hope you don’t miss us too much.

Joy: Yo Yo

Sonny: Still chill 😀

Lucas: Holes has been great, ermmm I hope you have liked it too. Badmanting

Aiden G: Chicken, chocolate emojis. Badmanting.

Ayden R: I like memes

Isabelle: Hello peoplezzz 😀

Miss Ballo: I can’t believe they have got me to write this. Missing you all very much and hope you have all been well.

Mrs Masood: 🙂 🙂 🙂

By the way, we came up with the title ‘Kestrels in the nest’ because you are all at home in your ‘nests’. We hope you like it. Leave a comment to let us know what you think. Could you guys think of a title for next week?

Signing off from the Kestrels out of the nest.

P.S here are some pictures of us reading along while listening to holes as well as some of our work.

Kestrel Mid-week Catch-up

Hey Kestrel!

I hope you are all well.

As I am sure you have heard, we are hoping to return to school on 1st June.

How are you feeling about the idea of coming back to school?

I know that I would be excited to see all your smiley faces, but for now, I will be calling again this week 🙂

Is there anything you will miss about being at home?

I will miss having time to cook so many dishes.

I have been making everything from scratch! Even the sauces. I made my own sauce to have jerk chicken tomorrow 🙂

Remember to leave a comment to say hi 😀

Hopefully I will see you all soon.

Take care,

Miss Ballo