Reading – Wed 21.10.20

Read the passage below taken from our SATs text about swimming the Channel, then answer the four questions below:-

Many of the hardships that Mathew Webb had to deal with during his pioneering swim are still faced by modern-day Channel swimmers. In fact, some of his methods for dealing with these hardships are still used today. Webb coated himself in oil for protection against the cold and jellyfish stings. He was accompanied by boats so his friends could protect and feed him. It must be said, however, that ale, brandy and beef tea they supplied are not standard for today’s Channel swimmers.

Name two of the hardships that Mathew Webb faced in swimming the English Channel and explain how he dealt with them.

Find and copy a group of words that tells you that the drinks of ale, brandy and beef tea would be considered unusual today.

Why do slow Channel swimmers swim further than faster ones?

Look at the section headed Frequently asked questions. How long did the fastest swim across the Channel take?

Reading – week 6

For your reading tasks this week we would like to read as much as you can about your new secondary school.

Take a look at the school website and look through any transition documents that have been uploaded or sent to you and your parents/carers.

Can you find out:
1) When the school days will start and finish?
2) Who the school leadership team is and what they each do?
3) Who the Head of Year 7 is?
4) What sports and activities clubs are available?
5) Are there any schools that are linked to yours? If so, is there any pupil interaction?