This half-term’s project is Space Exploration and is related to Women’s Rights Throughout History by looking at the three inspirational African-American women who changed the course of history by being instrumental in getting NASA’s first astronaut to orbit Earth.

Here is what we are going to teach each week: Year 6 Spring 2 Project Overview


This half-term’s project is Let’s Get Physical and is related to mindfulness (healthy body, healthy mind)

Here is what we are going to teach each week: Year 6 Spring 1 Project Overview


This half-term’s project is World War Two

Here is what we are going to teach each week: Year 6 Half Termly Plan AUT 2



To identify famous black poet; to look at performance and slam poetry and to create our own slam poems.
To read, research and plan a biography of a black British musician, then to draft, edit and publish a biography of a musician.
To host a living museum. Students to share what they have learned about the figure they chose and display/perform their poems/songs.

To investigate the 4 number operations and fractions thinking about mental and written methods, problem solving and investigations.

To explore and create collage.
To investigate artistic techniques used on album covers.
To explore and create an image using ink printing to help design an album cover
To look at digital media to create a digital image using a range of photographic techniques.
To create an album cover using any of the techniques explored.
To create an art gallery sharing work between classes.

To explore Detroit (home of Motown), and its human and physical features.
To compare Detroit to Croydon.
To create an advert to promote Detroit.

To identify where, why and when Motown music started.
To devise a timeline of black music.
To identify major black British figures in music.

How do we hear sound?
Activities looking at how and why we make different sounds.
Investigating vibrations.
Can sound travel through solids, liquids and gas?
Investigating a ‘tin can phone’.

Taking photos of musical instruments using a range of techniques.
To develop pictures using editing techniques.
To make a slideshow of pictures.
To display presentation during the art gallery session.

Ideas about what instruments could be made.
To plan a musical instrument.
To make and decorate a musical instrument thinking about the sounds it will make.
To evaluate the instruments.
To perform with the instrument on celebration day.

MfL – Spanish:
To learn how to introduce ourselves and ask simple questions in a conversation.
To understand the number system and apply numbers in a conversation.