Test Papers


In preparation for the up-coming SATs, we have compiled a set of age-appropriate reading papers for your child to do to ensure that they are using the necessary skills to help them achieve.  Please work with your children and ask them to justify each of their answers verbally to you.

Things that will help with the reading are:

  1. Read for speed.  Set them challenges for the reading text.  Can they read it in 5 minutes?  Try again.  How about 4 minutes?
  2. Discuss words that your child is unsure of.  What might the word mean?  Is it a precise meaning of the word?  Can your child use the word throughout the day?  Perhaps set a challenge, e.g. can they use it in two different sentences?
  3. Ask your child if they can give you a brief summary of the text including just the key points.
  4. Is your child reading the question properly? E.g. if the question says ‘tick two boxes’, are they doing this?  If the question asks for a sentence, have they written a sentence correctly punctuated and does it answer the question?
  5. If there are 4 possible answers to a question, encourage your child to narrow down the answers to just two.  From there, can they then pick the most appropriate?

Reading Y6 – No1

Reading Y6 – No2

Reading Y6 – No3

Reading Y6 – No4

Reading Y6 – No5

Reading Y6 – No6


Please see below for a range of GPS test papers. We have included the answers to the grammar papers so that you can go through these with your child.

For the spelling, you will need to read out the ‘script’ document so that your child can complete the spelling on the test paper.


SPaG Paper 1 Test

SPaG Paper 1 Answers

SPaG Paper 2 Test

SPaG Paper 2 Answers

SPaG Paper 3 Test

SPaG Paper 3 Answers

SPaG Paper 4 Test

SPaG Paper 4 Answers



Spelling Paper 1 Script

Spelling Paper 1 Test

Spelling Paper 2 Script

Spelling Paper 2 Test

Spelling Paper 3 Script

Spelling Paper 3 Test

Spelling Paper 4 Script

Spelling Paper 4 Test


Please see below for a range of Arithmetic and Reasoning papers. Answers are included within the document, so you are able to go through these with your child after they have completed the test.





Reasoning – Test 1a

Reasoning – Test 1b

Reasoning – Test 2a

Reasoning – Test 2b