Computing Home Learning

LI: To communicate effectively using e-mail

Success Criteria:

  • Open e-mail using your account
  • Include a title
  • Send a file or picture
  • Add text explaining what you are sending
  • Include an appropriate sign-off

Last week, we looked at sending e-mails.  This week, we build on this by sending something meaningful to you, either something appropriate you wish to share with your CT or a picture that is has meaning for you. You will also need to include some text to explain.  At the end, choose a suitable sign-off

Activity: – go to and the go to Londonmail at the top. Enter your lgflmail address and your password and then send an e-mail to the Year 6 account – – with a title (including Class and Name) some content and a sign-off.

Extension: create an e-mail signature which can automatically be added to e-mails you send.

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