Computing – Wednesday 21st October

LI: To communicate with the school community

Success Criteria:

  • Open the school blog
  • Follow the blog using your lgflmail account
  • Find a blog post to engage with
  • Create a reply
  • Remain courteous and engaging
  • Try to make your reply meaningful and interesting

Why do you think the school has a blog – what is its purpose? 
Have you found it to be a useful tool – why?
How have you interacted with the blog – have you been passive or active?

Discuss with someone at home the importance of the blog throughout lockdown and how it acted as a tool for communication within the school community.

Today, we are going to actively engage with the blog by replying to a blog post which has been posted.  What type of language should be used in a blog post?  Why?  Remember that, once your post is up, it is there for everyone to see and so must be appropriate.

Activity: to sign up and follow the blog with your lgflmail account, then to find a post on the Year 6 area that you are interested in and replying with a comment which  is meaningful to the post.

3 thoughts on “Computing – Wednesday 21st October

  1. sebastian October 21, 2020 / 8:45 am

    I commented about the Spanish and I liked the computing because we got to explore what is on the blog


  2. Alfie George October 22, 2020 / 4:07 pm

    I forgot my password for it please could you send it to my mum on email and I will do it from yesterday


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