The Story of Moses

LI: To identify what makes a good leader 


  • To take notes on the story of Moses
  • To investigate why Moses is important to Judaism
  • To understand what inspires and influences me in the rules I try to live my life by. 


Listen carefully to the story of Moses. Think about how he is a good leader. –Take notes

Click on video link below

Why was Moses a good leader?

What can we learn from Moses about being a good leader?

Think of two important leaders in your life. How do they do a good job at being a leader?


I am a leader when I come to work and help guide my class to make good choices and 

try my best to keep them safe. I am caring, focused and positive. (class teacher)

Talk to your partner about when you have been a leader.

  • Teaching my friends new games
  • Helping younger brothers and sisters
  • Leading my table group in activities
  • Helping others when they are stuck with their work
  • Helping new children to settle into their new class
  • Any others?

Activity: In your book, write down an example of when you were a good leader. What did you do? Then, complete this statement-The leader I look up to is … because….


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