LI:To identify and understand why kindness is important 

so that I can lift someone’s self-esteem.


  • To define kindness 
  • To use sentence starters to express appreciation
  • To apply acts of kindness
  • Express appreciation to people in their school community.

Kindness improves our quality of life in our school as well as with family, friends and in the community. It brings people together. Doing good for others feels good. Showing kindness to others is just as rewarding as receiving it from someone else.

What are the benefits of kindness?

Why is kindness so important?

Children to think about what random acts of kindness are.

  • When you think of what kindness means to you, what words or actions come to mind?
  • What was the last act of kindness that you saw? How did it make you feel?
  • What was the last act of kindness that you received? How did it make you feel?
  • Now, can you think of the last act of kindness you completed? How were you kind to someone else? How did it make you feel? 
  • What would happen if you committed to performing at least one act of kindness every day?

Do you need to to be best friends with someone to show kindness?


                   Sentence starters

  • I really like your personality because . . .
  • I know I can count on you when . . .
  • I really appreciate when you . . .
  • Some adjectives that describe you are . ..
  • I am impressed by the way you . . .

Key words

  • sympathy, Tenderness, Thoughtfulness, Tolerance, Understanding, Unselfishness, Care, Compassion, Concern, Courtesy, Friendliness, Gentleness, Goodness, Goodwill, Grace, Gracious, Heart, Helpfulness

Children to record their sentence starters and discuss with an adult at home.

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