Reading Diaries in Year 6

What a great start to the year! Most children are filling their diaries in every day with some lovely comments. We have discussed what makes a good comment in class, but just so that everyone understands the expectation in Year 6, here are some examples.

A summary comment might look like this:

Micheal met Kensuke for the first time today. He was frightened by him as Kensuke was shouting at him in an unfamiliar language and was very cross about something. Michael eventually realised that it was because he’d made a fire on the island and this was what Kensuke was unhappy about.

A vocabulary comment might look like this:

There are several words in the text I was unsure of (children to then use a dictionary to find out meanings).
ravenous – extremely hungry
diminutive – extremely or unusually small
gesticulating – using dramatic movements or gestures with one’s arms

A description comment might look like this:

The author has used some figurative language in the text to help describe the island, for example:
I saw smoke; I smelled smoke (alliteration)
The boulders lay like tumbled cliffs along the coast (simile)
The forest was alive with creatures (personification)

A comment about the style of writing might be:

I like the way the writer has used short, sharp sentences for effect. It makes the reader breathless and creates suspense. After some description, the short sentences return and the reader sympathises with the character’s situation.

Please ensure your child is reading (at least 4-5 pages) and filling in their reading diary every day and that suitable comments have been included for the previous day. This shouldn’t take more than 20-30 minutes.

In line with our policy, the reading diary is homework and the behaviour policy states: ‘Hand in homework at the time requested’. The first time it is not brought in, the child gets a yellow card; the second time is a 10 minute detention. Most children are however completing entries every day which is amazing – keep it up Year 6s!


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